My ICT Skills for technical support, helpdesk-service and teaching:

I have been ICT Support  co-worker of my school for more than 20 years.
ICT basic studies 8/2020-3/2021 (105 osp) (technical support and helpdesk-services)
ICT-professional studies 70 osp done / 150 osp (graduation 12/2022)
Elementary school teacher
ICT-studies: 11 learning weeks, shortcourses 300 hours, 5 learning points of computer science.


More specific information about my ability:

I have trained ICT to our personnel in iOS and Windows environment.

With kids, we have used many iPad apps for learning.

With Teams I have remote teached and made youtube videos for teachers to learn ICT.

Learning ability:

I applied to Karelia University of Applied Sciences in computer science and the entrance examination (5op, 133h) was introduction to information technology and data processing.

I got 89.97 points, the best got 92.37p and with 67.33 points you got in, but I refused, because Riveria got more ICT-support studies.

I have done in Riveria Basic ICT Studies 105 osp and now I study ICT-profession. 

What I have learned in Riveria basic ICT studies 8 / 20-3/21:

(Credit register 105 osp)

TIEKE certification of power use AB card: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and working together with those apps.

Linux LAMP Server and WS, Windows Server 2019 and Windows10: On the server e.g. capturing a pre-installed WS and creating new WS from it.

Creating Ubuntu server and TicketOs service

Creating Linux2 AWS web server and WordPress

The basics of Java

Security, VeraCrypt, SSL encryption, two-way authentication…

Installing Android virtually

“Black Screen”: Command Prompt, Powershell, and Linux Terminal

Remote connections: TeamViewer

Making Ethernet cable male and female

Optical cable welding

Embedded systems: Linux, Flowcode Miac and crispbread

Alarm system with crispbread and smoke alarm

Lessons learned in the ICT profession degree 3 / 21-:

Exploring Riveria’s ICT environment: Office365, Riveria Moodle Riveria, Wilma…

Remote connections: Windows remote, (mRemoteNG)

Cisco Router Studies 4/21-

My own studies while studying:

Photoshop, Gimp

Access: Database tables, queries, forms, reports

WordPress site for a friend’s future company and also my own too

Xampp and WordPress site locally

Moodle Joensuu learning course and instruction for myself

Video recording of the screen with OBS studio in Windows 10

Video editor

Remote connections: QuickAccess, Remote

Password management program

In theory, building a computer (I have previously installing network cards, etc.)

I made in the beginning of studies powerpoint video: 
With this 2.44 minutes video, you get to know me: